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country air

The French countryside has to be one of my favorite most-relaxed places on earth. Everything is beautiful and wild;

down by the sea

The intention today was to make it to the beach, i.e. whatever beach may be closest to walk to. And we did. On our way,

Musee d’Histoire de Marseille

The kids and I walked over to the local history museum this morning. The price was good: 5 euros for me, and the kids


Beautiful weather. A bout of the flu or some type of stomach bug has hit me hard in the last couple days. Yesterday was

Cooking Moroccan

The owners invited us to their kitchen to see how a Moroccan couscous dish is cooked and afterward, to eat. Saffron and

Bathroom Reveal

Our bathroom remodel is complete! It’ll get a few days of use before we fly to our next destination. Before and

Piano in a Garden

Tonight we sat on the grass in the Jardin Jnan Sbil and listened to a man play piano. This was one concert of many in

Bjord Nord

We got to experience our first real scam in Morocco. And not just, “Darn, we paid too much for that honey.”

All torn up

Flashback to February 2016 when I found a leak under our dishwasher. The floor in front of the dishwasher was kinda

نحن متشابهان

We awoke last night to the ungst-ungst beat of techno music. A rave? Sure sounded like it. Not coming from upstairs,


We spent an hour in the Nejjarine Museum (museum of woodworking) this morning. It was about a 20 minute walk to the

Roman Ruins

Today we spent a full day exploring outside of Fes. The 2000 year old Roman ruins of Volubilis and 11th century city