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smoky mountains

Smoke was noticeable in our area from the Detwiler fire burning near Mariposa. The boys and I drove to a nearby lake

head &nbsp

Options. Paths. Forward. Walking. This way, that way, here, there. Head space. Floating. Pause. Take a breath.

Tahoe Treetops

We spent much of our first week back in California with family visiting from Wisconsin. This was our first time

California dreaming

We are back. And awake. At 1 am. It has been 1 year since we sold our house. As this leg of our travel journey ends, we


Here’s to relaxed days around the house and by the beach. Cheers. moments

kings in the castle

We took a train ride over to Arundel Castle. This is a beautiful and very large castle that deserves lingering

flying wind

After dinner we walked over the beach. It is a large rocky beach with soft sand only when you reach the water’s

row row row

Our morning transportation included a train, a double decker bus, and a row boat. row row row A video clip from today

English Coastside

Chris and I. Sipping tea and eating scones. Talking. The wind whips through the trees, and the rain scatters over the

la vie est belle

It has been hot. Time for lunch and a playing-in-the-river break in Sauveterre-de-Bearn, France. la vie est belle

beach in Biarritz

We headed over to Biarritz for a day at the beach. The kids played at the playground, we ate lunch and then spent time


The Pyrenees mountains are beautiful this time of year. Everything is bright green, wild flowers dot the hills offering